Berlin Tacheles graffiti

The Arthouse Tacheles was a famous occupied building in Mitte, Berlin. Unfortunatly it was shut down in 2014 because the owner sold it to a financial group and one of my favorite places in Berlin disappeared for ever… The city is still the Punk Capital of the world. The city has undergone so much pressure throughout history and still hosts a lot of activism and cool street art.

There are two ways to get the image printed:
1. Aluplate Giclée mat. 2. Matte photo paper 210g. Read more info below in the description.


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There are two ways to get the image printed:

  1. An exclusive Giclée print from Hahnemühle, made with a delicious matte laminate. The print is pasted on a mold-stable 3 mm Alu Dibond plate. The black edges of the plate "frame" the product without the use of a frame. Aluplate Giclée mat is delivered without a frame so that the image gets a minimalist look, and thanks to the hidden fittings on the back, the image achieves a floating expression slightly from the wall, which gives a nice gallery effect.
  2. Matte Photo Paper 210g is a delicious matte art paper based on natural 100% alpha-cellulose acid-free fibers. The paper has a matte smooth finish and a light tone, ensuring high-quality contrasting prints with great durability.

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Matte photo paper 210g, Print on Aluplate Giclée

Size in cm

30 x 23, 40 x 30, 60 x 45, 80 x 60, 100 x 75


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