New York Symphony no. 5

Time square (Blade runner), NY. Where 42street meets Time Square in New York it looks like something out of the movie “Blade Runner”. My all times favorite Sci-fi. I have been fascinated by New York since childhood and it was a dream come true to spend 2 months there in the fall of 2016. When I accidentally discovered what the kaleidoscope effect was doing with my images, I instantly fell in love with the patterns being created.

There are two ways to get the image printed:
1. Aluplate Giclée mat. 2. Matte photo paper 210g. Read more info below in the description.


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There are two ways to get the image printed:

  1. An exclusive Giclée print from Hahnemühle, made with a delicious matte laminate. The print is pasted on a mold-stable 3 mm Alu Dibond plate. The black edges of the plate "frame" the product without the use of a frame. Aluplate Giclée mat is delivered without a frame so that the image gets a minimalist look, and thanks to the hidden fittings on the back, the image achieves a floating expression slightly from the wall, which gives a nice gallery effect.
  2. Matte Photo Paper 210g is a delicious matte art paper based on natural 100% alpha-cellulose acid-free fibers. The paper has a matte smooth finish and a light tone, ensuring high-quality contrasting prints with great durability.

Additional information


Matte photo paper 210g, Print on Aluplate Giclée

Size in cm

30 x 23, 40 x 30, 60 x 45, 80 x 60, 100 x 75


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